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Digital Citizenship

With the addition of iPads to the classroom, there is often a fear of students acting inappropriately with the device. At Stuart Mesa we make it a point to teach students Digital Citizenship Lessons, that address many issues that may arise. For more information about Digital Citizenship, check out

IBL & Technology

One-to-One iPads

Students at Stuart Mesa are very fortunate to have one-to-one iPads in each classroom, grades 3-8. The devices were purchased with funds from a DODEA grant several years ago. The iPads are used as tools for learning in the classroom, and are integrated into the core curriculum as much as possible. Teachers encourage students to use their devices to collaborate, create, communicate, and think critically.

The goal is to eventually have students use their iPads both at home and at school, as way of extending learning beyond the classroom. OUSD is currently working on a device take-home plan. The short video below will provide some more information regarding OUSD iPad Care.

Use your ipad for 21st century learning


Teachers at Stuart Mesa have been integrating Inquiry Based Learning in the classroom, with the help of iPads and our STEM Lab. IBL begins with posing a question to students, rather that just presenting facts. In this type of learning, the responsibility is placed on the students to research, explore, create, prototype, refine, and explain their learning. IBL can take many forms and can cover a wide variety of content. One area that we see IBL is in our STEM Lab. The photos below demonstrate some of the IBL projects students have been working on in the STEM Lab this year.